#100 Catherine Creek Falls + Flowers

Catherine Creek springtime wildflower loop trail


Easy walking at Catherine Creek

 The best time for wildflowers at Catherine Creek is typically April thru June:

Catherine Creek June California poppies and Bachelor Buttons

 Springtime is the best time to see Catherine Creek falls flowing, as it usually dries up by July:

Catherine Creek falls from the overlook bench


A delighted mermaid basking under Catherine Creek falls

 The Catherine Creek area was formerly a bit of a junkyard before the Forest Service purchased it and cleaned it up. There’s still lots of broken glass and stuff scattered about just off the trail:

Catherine Creek junk


The trailhead junk shrine


5 Responses to “#100 Catherine Creek Falls + Flowers”

  1. Ricardo Blandini Says:

    Best time for this trail must be April or May, way to hot this time of year, especially on asphalt trail, and nothing really to see except dead weeds…

  2. Bill Boozer Says:

    I headed out here in late May and it was still pretty warm. The flowers were pretty spectacular. I was a little bummed because all “close-up” access to the Arch was blocked off. I believe that this was due to bird nesting if I recall. There sadly were no “mermaids” under the waterfall either. 😦

    I thought that I saw a leprechaun, but it turned out to be a surly drunk guy with an Irish accent. 😦 😦

  3. Mark Says:

    Went there today…also sadly (re Bill above) there was no mermaid!

  4. LT Says:

    is the water warm enough for mermaiding??

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