#102 Klickitat River Trail

Note: I made an error in this book entry.  You CANNOT take-out

Klickitat River trail and inner-tubing

 at MP 7 on the Klickitat River float, as it is private property. I meant to say the take-out is at the legal Fish & Wildlife site at MP 5.  Please refrain from even going ashore anywhere on the Klickitat River float, as there is private property along both sides of the Klickitat river and the land owners are already upset about people “coming ashore” to picnic, party, or worse. You know what I mean….and there is a port-o-pottie at the MP 5 site, so use it before you pass it by, as there is no Port-o-pottie at the MP 10 Pitt Bridge launch site.

  Floaters on the Klickitat  should try to be as considerate and gracious as possible.  Nobody wants loud drunk yahoos on their property. Have fun on the Klickitat River in your inner-tube or kayak, but please STAY on the river between put-in and take-out!!

New (April 2011) Lyle Trailhead for the Klickitat Trail at Hwy 14 corner.


Getting ready to float the Klickitat River at the Pitt Bridge launch, MP 10


Bikinis ready for an August Klickitat river float


Get the inner tubes ready for the Klickitat river float

 Swale Canyon merges with the Klickitat near MP 16 at Horseshoe Bend Rd. Park at the Schilling Rd parking lot to access the Swale Canyon section of the Klickitat trail.

Swale Canyon Trailhead for the Klickitat Trail


Heading upstream in Swale canyon on the old railroad bed


Bridge over Swale Creek, just before the final house in the first 3 miles of Swale canyon


Another bridge over Swale Canyon Creek, about 6 miles from the Schilling Rd trailhead

 The Klickitat trailhead at the top of Swale Canyon is at Harms Road, off the Centerville Hwy.

Klickitat trail, Harms Road trailhead for upper Swale canyon.

One Response to “#102 Klickitat River Trail”

  1. Karen Says:

    What does page 217 say about MP7 take-out on the Klickitat? I’m pretty sure that’s private property……from MP6.5 on up at least to MP8 or more on Hwy 142 is private on both sides of the river. Pretty irresponsible to publish that as a “take-out” for river floaters, if that’s what you’re saying there.

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