#107 Dalles Mtn Ranch/ Windmills tour

Dooley road windmills, near Columbia Hills State park


Dalles Mtn ranch to Maryhill backroads tour, including driving under and thru Windy Flats wind turbine farm, then back west along Hwy 14 past Maryhill attractions


Dalles Mtn Ranch wildflowers (Balsamroot) late April


Dalles Mtn Ranch wildflowers (lupine) late April, overlooking Dalles dam


Top of Dalles Mtn Ranch Rd, looking east to Windy flats windmills. The look north is all Mt Adams and Mt Rainier. A truly exquisite view from the seat of your 2WD car!!


Heading east into Windy Flats wind farm. Stay straight at this intersection onto gravel to make a fabulous loop up and directly under the turbines.


Into the turbines on Rattlesnake/Dooley Rd


Directly under a Windy Flats wind turbine. Whoooosh wooosh wooooosh!!!


Daughter of the wind...literally, as her father is a long-time wind prospector.


Looking over Oregon's Klondike Wind Farm from Dooley Rd


Windy Flats wind farm now-fenced entrance near near Hwy 97


Make sure to stop at the Maryhill Loops Rd viewpoint on Hwy 97 as you descend the grade down towards Maryhill


2 Responses to “#107 Dalles Mtn Ranch/ Windmills tour”

  1. Bonnie Billette Meyer Says:

    scott, do you know anything about the caldera pond near the unique old gate up the Dalles Mt. Rd. about 2 miles???

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      Yup, those are “Kolk” ponds on the Friends of the Gorge “Dancing Rock” property. The circular ponds were scoured-out and dug-out by the repeated Missoula Floods.

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