#108 Horsethief/ Columbia Hills St Pk

Columbia Hills State park petroglyphs, She Who Watches

“She Who watches”, as seen on the weekend Ranger-led Petroglyph tour

Columbia hills State Park, Horsetheif Butte unit, Eight-Mile falls, Temani Pesh-wa petroglyph display, Dancing Rock

Horsetheif Butte loop hike/rack scramble

In the photo below Horsetheif Butte is located underneath the “Petroglyph Canyon” and She Who Watches is located roughly under the “Y” of “You are Here”. The “You are Here” is where you drive to in order to view the Temani pesh-wa petroglyph display.

Horsetheif Butte, Temani pesh-wa petroglyph area. This is a photo of the signboard at the petroglyph display (you are here). This plaque shows the former “Long Narrows” of the Columbia River with a blue overlay of what the waters behind The Dalles Dam covered-up in 1957.

Here’s an brilliant article written by Cain Allen for the Oregon Historical Society Quarterly magazine about the Long Narrows:  Long Narrows pdf . This article is an excerp from the OHS Winter 2007 Special issue “Remembering Celilo Falls”. This is an exceptional Special Issue, very worth owning if you are interested in the history of the area.

The site of The Dalles Dam, pre 1952 start of construction

The first explosion of The Dalles Dam construction, 1952

The Dalled Dam construction, circa 1955…looking south

The Long Narrows of the Columbia during construction of The Dalles Dam, circa 1955

The Long Narrows of the Columbia, circa 1955, autumn low water level (Ray Atkeson photo)

The upstream opening of the Long Narrows

The upstream opening of the Long Narrows, looking west to where Horsethief Lake is now and the Temani Pesh-wa petroglyph display

1964 ODOT aerial photo of Dalles dam and the former Long Narrows reach

She Who Watches from the railroad tracks

Spedis Owl at the Temani Pesh-wa petroglyph display

Water demon at Temani Pesh-wa, Horsetheif lake

Water demon petroglyph, in situ, before 1957 flooding of The Dalles Dam

Water demon petroglyph, in situ with tourist, before 1957 flooding of The Dalles Dam

Spedis Owl petroglyph, in situ, before the removal due to the flooding of The Dalles Dam in 1957

Eight-Mile falls near Horsetheif Butte

3 thoughts on “#108 Horsethief/ Columbia Hills St Pk

  1. Note – both the parking lot at the Horsethief Butte Trailhead and the parking area by the gate at 8-Mile Falls both require Discovery Passes/$10.00 day fee.

    1. Yup…thanks. The info is already entered for this summer’s printing run. Appreciate you helping keep me and my book up to date!

  2. Hit three parts of this today–first I stopped at 8 Mile Falls on the way west. On my way back, I drove past the camping area and looked at the petroglyphs. Then I did a brief entry into the horseshoe itself but it was getting on towards dusk so didn’t spend much time in there. Definitely a place for further exploration!

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