#11 Munra Point

Munra Point trail

Munra Point's view


Munra Point rocky ridge seen from I-84

 The parking for Munra Point’s “unmaintained” trail is still a bit uncertain.  The construction on the I-84 Moffet Creek bridge is now complete, but there are new fences in, around and under the bridge.  The spot just east of the Moffet bridge now has a fence also, but it’s easy to step thru…but you can’t park very far from the highway like you used to.  In the short term, my written directions still hold true.   Sorry I can’t give you any better details or options right now.  It may be best to simply park at or near the wahclella falls parking and walk Gorge trail 400 back west to find the Munra Point trail.  There is a newish unsigned connector trail that heads uphill to meet the Munra Point trail just a few minutes up the old trail.  This new path is just 200 yards east of the traditional “trail not maintained” signed start for the Munra Point trail. I think the Google map below will explain things.  The Munra Point trail braids a bit for its first half, but all pathes lead upward and eventually rejoin together for the rock-steps finale to tip-top Munra Point.

Munra Point trail map

Munra Point looking down on Bonneville dam

Munra Point looking west to islands in front of Beacon Rock


Munra Point trail start near and under the I-84 Moffet Creek bridge


Munra point "trail not maintained" start (200 yards west of new path)


Heading up the Munra point trail


The 1st viewpoint west on Munra Pt trail


The long steep rock staircase leading finally to knife-edge Munra Point


Late May wildflowers adorning the top ridges of Munra Pt, looking north here.


A cool group of friends I met atop Munra Point!

4 Responses to “#11 Munra Point”

  1. Peter Owen Says:

    Hi Scott! This is Peter, the guy on the far left of the of the photo with of the group of friends. I have some other fun pictures from that day I can add if you’d like. That was a sweet birthday hike for all of us. I will try to pickup more pictures and points of interest along the other places in your book.

    On another note this Blog is looking real nice. I will be sharing it with all my hiking buddies! In a few days I am going to go cave hunting south of trail of two forests near the entrance to ape caves. There are a few caves within a mile and half of the trail head. Bat cave is one of them.

    I will be in touch and hope to see you on other trails soon this summer,

  2. Ryan French Says:

    What is that green trail near the top of the trail map heading to mount hood it looks like?

  3. Rick L. Johnson Says:

    I call that Munra South, its a great ridge walk and some very nice little climbs. Sometimes we just go do the last climb and come back.

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