#20 Stone House/ Nellie Corser

Page 52 of Curious Gorge

page 53 Curious Gorge


Along Duncan Creek

One of Duncan Creek's swimming holes...bring your own mermaid!

The amazing Stone House


Inside the Stone House

16 Responses to “#20 Stone House/ Nellie Corser”

  1. Kristi Finney Says:

    We visited the Stone House today. Amazing! We’ve driven past there many, many times and had no idea it was there. I am looking forward to showing this to others…

    I don’t see a mention of Duncan Creek Falls about 6 miles up Duncan Creek Road. They are quite pretty though very hard to photograph.

    • Kristi Finney Says:

      … Or maybe that is what you are referring to with Nellie Corser and I’m just not recognizing it as such?

  2. Pat Smith Says:

    Can you provide a mile post number on Hwy 14 for this Nellie Corser stone house? When I couldn’t locate it, I asked at the Skamania store, and the clerk thought it was about MP31. I went back, but was still not able to find it. Checked every nook and cranny I could see. Is it on the north side of Hwy 14? Any identifying markers to show where it is? Thank you.

  3. Kenn Says:

    I see it as a real treasure, a rare treat, thanks for including it.

  4. Ryan Says:

    Hint: To find the stone house, look for the odd cedar tree that’s cut on the north side (of the Hwy and the tree) to allow the power lines to pass. Park there.

  5. Kate McBride Says:

    Don’t forget to buy Scott’s book, so you will have the exact directions to all these exciting and fun historical finds.

  6. Kacie Says:

    Awesome adventure! Stone house is hidden in plain sight and is on the eastbound side of 14. There is now a discovery pass required at Nellies, but the dirt road had a washout and since its so close to the paved road we just pulled off and hoofed it the .2 miles to the trail head. We will be returning in better weather to play in the pools but for a mild winter hike in Jan it was amazing.

  7. kevin Says:

    Duncan creek has a nice trail heading down streem. Not sure why.the book says its a twenty minute stop. I take my dogs there quite often. There is also a trail that leads to a smaller creek. I believe I found the location of a house. About five minutes in from the parking spot you can identify a clearly man made retaining wall in the shape of a square with a small entry way thy ramps up to the level area where a house must have been. Also found a metal table and a rusty old pipe that must have been for drawing water. Ill keep looking for more fun stuff. This is a great spot for exploring and its just 20 minutes from home for me.
    Thanks for the tip Mr Curious.

  8. kevin Says:

    The stonehouseis cool too. Maybe that is the 20 minute spot

  9. Gillette Lake, Nellie Corser and the Stone House | Swollen Feat Says:

    […] to check out two curios spots notes in the guidebook, “Curious Gorge” by Scott Cook (https://curiousgorgeblog.wordpress.com/20-2/).  I’ve had these pages flagged in my book for months and finally today took the time to […]

  10. Joanna Grammon Says:

    My parents lived near Archer Mt., off Duncan Creek Road, for 25 years, and I owned property there for 10 years. We spent many hot summer days at the series of waterfalls in Nellie Corser Park (which she donated to Washington F&W). Our community council used to have annual trail cleanup days. I talked to two people who knew Nellie Corser, including one who used to walk in to deliver her groceries. However, I have never seen this house! I think have an idea where it is, and will explore. From the description, the house is on a former property of hers nowhere near Duncan Creek, but is on what is now Forest Service land. The park is several miles up the hill by the powerlines off Duncan Creek Road. Whatever you do, do not confuse the little impassible access road that goes into the Nellie Corser Park trailhead with Cedar Swamps Rd., which used to go through DNR land all the way to the upper Washougal. It is on old maps but you could get into trouble quickly, even walking.

  11. Jeanne Says:

    Hi Kate! When I was researching the Stone House I found this:
    The end mentions that he was the one who built the stone house.

  12. Dr. Mike Says:

    Sad to say the stone house has now been graffitied and some of the more delicate stonework has fallen to the ground. I drop in at least once a year and it is sad to see it slowly deteriorate.

  13. Karolyn (@weeknightingale) Says:

    Why do people have to mutilate places such as this with graffiti. Leave as is! Let time and nature do their work in returning the moss covered stones to the ground and consuming this old stone house. Let appreciative visitors enjoy it as long as possible. It is so close to the road and easy to get to. Although a Little harder to find since it is hidden from the road. Such a sweet gem from the past there must be a story to be told only lost in time.

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