Recent Updates to entries:

HELLO Spring 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There will be a NEW edition of Curious Gorge released around May 1st.  Completely overhauled, added-to, and improved.  Look for 67 new obscure entries.



24 thoughts on “Recent Updates to entries:

  1. What an impressive, informative blog, Scott! I read your comments about the Condit Dam and the Mosier Tunnel pictures at ArthurB’s Historic Hood River blog site.
    I posted a link to your site at the Hood River Weather site chat where we discuss ArthurB’s photos and we talked about your blog.
    If you have time, come join us and tell us about your blog.

  2. Good to see you back to working on the blog, Cookie. Keep it up as it’s a wonderful endeavor with a ton of potential.

  3. Scott, thank you for your guide books. Your detailed descriptions have helped me to get my GF out when I am not able to convince her to bushwack up some obscure but goregeous canyon. As for spring 2012, you might want to post an entry about this winter’s amazing ice storm and the blowdown that resulted. I have been working to open the Wind mtn. trail for a while and have finally notched or removed most of the logs across the trail. It is now possible to summit without too much trouble (despite what the handmade sign at the TH tells you). The Wygant/Chetwoot loop is a total mess! Since it is a little used trail, I don’t think that USFS is going to be maintaining it any time soon. If you have received any info about other trails in the gorge that are now in rough shape after that storm I would love to see a post about it.

  4. I absolutely love the guidebook and this blog! You have propelled me toward a lot of awesome adventures in the Gorge that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  5. Scott, was on tour with you and Friends on Histories and Mysteries. Mentioned abandoned shacks in The Dalles on slope south side of old Hwy. 30 east of downtown. Stopped and talked to fruit stand operator next door, said they were R.R. worker shacks. Property is private owner. There were not any “no trespassing” signs so I looked around. More of them than I thought.

  6. Scott,
    Love the book, but some of the references are hard to find. On page 234, Appendix 2(Stairways in Heaven) you hint about the stairway at Vista House and say “see entry 3”. OK, there is nothing about the stairway at Vista House. Am I missing something? Thanks!

    1. Ron, the stairway in question is pictured right beside the description of the Vista House stiarway. I guess the photo is a little small to see, but I guess that’s what we get when I try to cram ever more into tight page counts. Should I leave out all the little extras?? Or should I let them be shrouded in a lil mystery so that people have to go out and get curious? Hmmmm.

  7. Your books are outstanding and I recommend them to folks all the time. I enjoyed Curious Gorge and Bend Overall so much that I bought one of your NZ guidebooks in hope I can explore there some day too. I’m a kiteboarder / paraglider from the Portland area, so maybe someday I’ll run into you and get to thank you in person. Thanks! Steve Myers aka “Fly Dunes”.

  8. Hi, thanks for the great guidebooks, my girlfriend and I just got back from New Zealand to portland where we live, with your books guiding us throughout. One comment, we did the labyrinth trail near coyote wall today, when we reached the point that you describe as a “fork with a power pole presiding over the right fork” (paraphrased), you recommend that we turn left. The trail to the left is marked “closed – sensitive habitat”. This was right around 1.3 miles in, complete with power pole, so I think it’s the correct fork. Anyway, we went right, still seemed to work out, but I think it added some length. Just letting you know! Thanks again for the great books, we have enjoyed them.
    Dan T

  9. I was just introduced to your book and I’m loving it! I’ve already done a couple of hikes and I have more planned. Unfortunately one is going to be Meadow Butte Lookout Tree but the forest/logging road maps you admonish me to grab aren’t posted on your blog. 😦 I’ll try it with just the verbal description. If you never hear from me again, Sasquatch got me!

  10. Picked up your book in a gas station during a camping trip. Although unexpected it took over our trip and helped make it a great experience. Thank you for that. Do you have any recommendations for Arizona hiking guidebooks?

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