#23 Fishwheels of the Columbia

Fishwheel remnants

Fishwheels of the Columbia River

This is where McCord Creek meets the Columbia (Elowah falls' creek). This is an 1890s photo looking upriver at the numerous fishwheels that were operating in the area at that time


Fishwheels of the Columbia history book


Remants of the Kelly fishwheel that is featured on the cover of the "Fishwheels of the Columbia" book (Autumn photo).


Aerial 1905 view of Strawberry Island. To begin my exploratory hike you park near where the fishwheel is in the middle of the photo.


Current view of Ives Island, as seen from Elowah falls. My hike circles this island to explore the numerous fishwheel remnants visible in the autumn when the Columbia is at its lowest level.


Close-up of the remnants of the Paquet fishwheel on the SW edge of Ives island.


Approaching the ruins of the Paquet Fishwheel onm my annual "Friends of the Gorge" fishwheel exploring hike.


Remnants of the Paquet Fishwheel on Ives Island


Ruins of the "Sams fishwheel #2", on the eastern tip of Ives Island


The "Iron Wheel" fishwheel that was located at the mouth of Moffett Creek in Oregon, looking across the Columbia at Sams Wheel #2.


Ice House Fishwheel in front of Beacon Rock. This fishwheel is not on my hike, but you can sometimes see remnants of this fishwheel near the Beacon Rock moorage area.


Google earth sketch of my Fishwheels hike


Elk on Beacon Rock's Pierce island


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