Indian Point Trail A21

The trailhead is within the Herman Creek campground

After quite a few signed junctions, you eventually turn onto Gorton Creek trail to climb the final 2.6 miles to the  Indian Point spur path.  Along the way, make sure to look for Mt St Helens peeking through the trees as you cross a gully underneath a distinctive downed tree:

Mt St Helens showing from the Indian Pt trail

Indian Pt, as seen just before the spur path down to it.

Hiker’s out at Indian Pt’s most impressive perch!!

Approaching Indian Pt’s knob

Mt Adams over Home Valley

After time at Indian Point, you now have to decide to retrace your steps or make a longer loop of the hike by taking the Ridge Cutoff trail to the Nick Eaton Ridge trail, as the picture in my guidebook shows.  In my book I somewhat discourage this due to the steep and loose-ness of the Nick Eaton trail, but if you are hiking in the Spring, say late May/early June…then the Nick Eaton trail should be firmer-packed and the addition of nice wildflower meadow-slopes makes this loop option worth the extra bit up up as well as the steeper “down”.  The Nick Eaton trail also gives you a glimpse of the tip of Mt Hood as well as a smashing view of the Columbia flowing westward past Beacon Rock and Angel’s Rest.    I say….Go for it!!

The tip of Mt Hood from the Nick Eaton trail

Early-June wildflowers on Nick Eaton trail

Nick Eaton trail wildflowery hanging meadows

Impressive view est on Nick Eaton trail

One thought on “Indian Point Trail A21

  1. Hiked this today with my dogs and a couple of friends. Just a little snow up high and the scramble down to Indian Point. Great hike with beautiful forest seclusion most of the way.

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