#34 Starvation Ridge Loop

Lancaster falls

Starvation Falls ridge loop trail

Cabin Creek falls


The base of Cabin Creek falls

3 Responses to “#34 Starvation Ridge Loop”

  1. Blue Sharpay Says:

    As you are walking from Tunnel Falls east towards Cabin Creek Falls, keep an eye out on your left, just off the trail for an ENORMOUS ant hill. It’s 5 feet tall…amazing.

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      Yup…and been there so long that there’s a little trail over to it. Quite impressive for sure!!

  2. Tom Kloster Says:

    Make that TWO anthills — look across the little ravine to the west, and you’ll see the stereo version.

    Big changes coming to this area. If you look in the trees near the anthills for survey ribbon, you can pick out the route of the restored/extended Historic Columbia River Highway that will soon be under construction in this area. As I understand it, the new trailhead for Starvation Ridge Trail, proper, will be at the footbridge over Warren Creek. The rest of the trail back to the parking lot will be replaced with the new paved trail.

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