#35 Wygant/ Chetwoot loop

NOTE 4/2013: I consider this trail GONE. I’ll advise against even bothering to go and have a “look” .  There are SO many blow-down trees even before you get to the first Chetwoot cut-off that the trail is more toil than trail.  Past Perham Creek the Wygant trail is in even worse condition.  Just skip it!

6 Responses to “#35 Wygant/ Chetwoot loop”

  1. Blue Sharpay Says:

    This trail is in rough shape. We first attempted the Chetwoot Loop. We all agree that the ‘average’ hiker would not be able to find it after the poison oak field under the power lines. We tried to find it for nearly an hour to no avail. Often times one or both of our dogs will find trails before we do, but not this one. We did follow the instructions to find part of a trail (?) that led up to and abruptly ended in backhoe tracks/service road not to be found after that. We went back thinking we might try it backwards and get somewhere, seeing as we knew the first part. That cute bridge is broken/unusable and the third of a mile after it is more of an intense obsticle course than a trail. We worked our way up to the power lines again and had the same problem – what “this-might-be-a-trail” we did find ended, again, in service/backhoe, not to be found beyond. Kind of sad, but we still had a fun day out!

  2. curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

    Blue…I think this hike is finally “done”…killed by out fierce January ice storm. Thanks for chiming in here…I’ll post a warning at the top of this page!

  3. Ryan French Says:

    That’s unfortunate! This was one of the next on my list!

  4. Mike Says:

    We made it around the entire loop today but it took us 4 hours! Trail is in rough shape but it could be revived if enough folks were interested in keeping it alive. It’s next to impossible to get new trails built with all the regulatory hurdles and cost. I would hate to see this one lost…

  5. Jenell Says:

    Agree with above posts. Didn’t see this update before attempting the Wygant portion to Perham Creek 7/3/13. Bridge is in pieces but crossing the creek isn’t terribly difficult if one is cautious. However, the remaining 0.3 miles to the “picnic area/viewpoint” is log-ridden. I made it over 4 logs of increasing girth which each have been cut to form a small foot platform on the top, presumably to step in (if you can get yourself hoisted that high). I finally turned back – never did make it all the way. Harder to get over the logs on the return trip. Lots of loose rock which makes the downhill portions quite slick. Not for the less-than-agile.

  6. Rodney Says:

    Trail is much improved. Since 2012, looks like there has been some regular trail maintenance in the last 1-2 years.

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