#42 Dog Mountain

Dog mountain trail views and late-May wildflowers

Dog mountain trail
As of 6/14/11…the bloom is ON, right NOW. Go!!!
Hey, Dog Mtn has NO real bloom yet (5/20/11).  I don’t think the height of the bloom will be until the 1st-2nd week of june this year.   I’ll try to keep you posted here what I hear from my “sources”.  Hike Wind Mtn or Indian Pt/Nick Eaton if you are jonesing….scott
OH, here’s a link to a Dog Mtn “trip report” on PortlandHikers website from 5-17:

One Response to “#42 Dog Mountain”

  1. Florie Rogers Says:

    Can someone mention the status of the wildflowers on Dog Mtn. this spring (2014)? Planning a hike the second week of June and wondering if the flowers will still be around.

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