Broughton Lumber Flume Exploration C7



Lassie Rides the Log Flume, ViewMaster reel from the 1967 Lassie Episode titled Lassie “Ride the Mountain”

Lassie stays in Hood River to film Lassie Ride the Mountain episode, as well as two other Lassie episodes. Article from Aug 1967 Hood River News

Lassie on the front page of the Hood River News, in town to film Lassie Ride the Mountain, Dangerous Journey, and Fury at Wind River episodes. Yay, Lassie rides the Broughton Log Flume!!

Riding the Broughton Log Flume. Historic photo on display at the Hood River Museum.

Riding the Broughton lumber flume boat

14 thoughts on “Broughton Lumber Flume Exploration C7

  1. Hello,

    I’ve searched for years to find that LASSIE episode of the Broughton Lumber Flume. Could I watch on-line or purchase a copy of that video of LASSIE ON THE FLUME and also CHARLIE THE COUGAR riding the flume?



    1. Bill, the Charlie movie is easily found on Amazon. Lassie not so. You’ll need to record an episode off Nickelodeon or such, as the Lassie episodes involving the Gorge have never been commercially available. “Friend” Curios Gorge on Facebook to see a teaser of the flume episode.

  2. Thanks for the answers. The only thing is that Nickelodeon hasn’t shown Lassie since the early 90’s so there isn’t much hope in me finding the LASSIE episode that way.

  3. Unfortunately,

    Nickelodeon hasn’t shown the LASSIE episodes since the early 90’s and even then, the Ranger episodes were not really shown. I tried to “friend curious Gorge on Facebook but nothing came up as far seeing anything about the gorge or the flume episode.

    Which has more “footage” of the log flume ride: The Charlie movie or the Lassie episode?



  4. Found the “secret” best view of the Flume and took pictures this morning. Many thanks for the book’s hints! In the 2.5 years I’ve lived here the further collapse of the Flume is obvious and saddening.

    Thanks again for the terrific book!

  5. Great coverage of the flume, you do amazing work. You are a true blessing to anyone interested in the great outdoors.

  6. I happened to google flume/lassie, and to my surprise pictures of me were at the very end of the story. The last one was featured in “Life” magazine’s Christmas issue in 1962. The other one with the big splash was near the lower mill taken the same year. Is the June 15th showing in 2013? Thanks for showing the above pictures – Hal Broughton

    1. Hi Hal, can you describe those times of riding the flume? The picture of it look amazing, I can only wonder at how it felt to ride down it.


  7. I am tormented because I cannot find the ‘secret’ section of the Broughton Flume! I’ve waded neck deep in poison oak to see some good lingering sections, I’ve been to Willard, etc. Can you give any more hints as to where your secret viewing opportunity is, before the flume is nothing but a memory?

  8. Wonderful memories of sitting next to the flume when I was a boy with my father. Being the last working flume in the United States it was very energy and environmental friendly. Wish it was still running with both mills operating. I really liked all the employees and their hard working spirit. The general manager, Doyle VanDeventer was a very good friend of mine:) Harold D. Broughton

  9. Hi Scott, we tried to find the flume display and map in the park “across the street from the Solstice Restaurant” (this was listed in the 2013 but not the 2017 book version) but we were unable to find it. Is there no longer a display in the park (which park?)? (Why was this section of the Broughton Flume entry removed from the 2017 version?). Thanks in advance.

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