#51 Lookout Mountain–WA

Lookout Mountain June Beargrass wildflowers

Lookout Mountain, Washington

3 Responses to “#51 Lookout Mountain–WA”

  1. dan Says:

    the gate to top is closed now 5/22/14 so you have to walk the last mile to the top but worth it

  2. QA Says:

    The view is great, but you need to prepare, do your research, read the instructions carefully, follow your instinct, and don’t always trust your GPS. If you decide to go, take the roads from Carson to Mountain and go back the same way, don’t take roads from Battle Ground.

    Let me tell you my scary experience. I had a day off and decided to go to either the Spirit Falls or Lookout Mountain, WA. Since the Spirit Falls is closer to my home (I live in Portland), I decided to go to the Spirit Falls. When I got there at MP2, there was no other car, and when I took a few steps down, I could not find my footing, so I decided to abandon the trip down the falls. Then, I decided to go to the Lookout Mountain.

    The book said it was an easy gravel road and it was at first, but the last two miles or so, the road was getting tougher, but nothing your 2WD car can’t handle. I drove to mini van to the top, but I would recommend leaving your car at the gate and walk the last mile because the road is tough; there are many sharp edges and falling rocks on the way. The road only fits one car and if your slip, you die.

    On the way back, I made many mistakes. First, I followed the GPS and turn left at the three-way of 41 and 501. I did not go back the way I came in. There were many bumps and potholes for the next 3.5 half miles. Then, my GPS told me to take a sharp right, which I did not see. I only saw a hill. Driving a few yards more, I saw a road behind the hill. I took that road thinking it was the road my GPS wanted me to take. However, soon after, I GPS told me to drive 2.5 miles and made a u-turn. I found a way to u-turn without having to drive 2.5 miles and came back to the junction. I parked my car and climbed up the hill. From there, I could see a road that barely fit my van. I should have taken my lost and come back where I came from, but because the tough 3.5 miles, I did not want to go back and I made a stupid mistake, drove up the hill and followed the narrow road. It was an extremely rough road. It was very narrow, it had deep car tracks, so I hit the beneath of van a lot. It had sharp edge rocks, many high bumpers, and my most fear, puddles. I almost stuck at those puddles two times. I thought, for sure, either my tires would be punctured or my car got stuck in the mud. Driving of the cliff was also in my mind. Not until I saw a few big bundles of branches on the road, I started feeling a bit relief. I think those timber companies probably made those bundles, and if so, there would be big trucks come in and out and the road would be better. In fact, it was better. There were still potholes and high bumps, but it was much better. I felt more relief when I saw a boy walking toward me. After passing him, I saw a bridge. After crossing the bridge, there was a campground. If I’m not mistaken, it’s Sunset campground.

    My car’s all scratched up and dirty, and I’m sure something is damaged under my car, but I’m survived to tell you my bad experience. I hope you don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

  3. dan Says:

    It’s not as bad as he makes it sound. Just take a local map don’t always rely on gps in the mountains.

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