#52 Silver Star Mtn — Ed’s Trail



HEY, as of 6/29/2013 it looks like the wildflowers on Ed’s trail loop are finally in full swing!!  Woohoo…the road is of course complete slow potholes…but “everyone” seems to be getting up there!!


Silver Star Mountain, Ed’s trail loop:

Silver Star Mountain, Ed’s Trail loop overview

Driving overview map, Sunset falls campground to Ed’s trail trailhead:

Silver Star Mtn, driving overview to Ed’s trail

Ed’s trail map at parking lot

Ed’s trail sign at 1st junction above parking

Heading up Ed’s trail towards Silver Star Mtn

A little way up Ed’s trail look close at the rocks to see this plaque:

Plaque on Ed’s trail to Silver Star

Further along comes the rock arch on Ed’s trail:

Rock archway on Ed’s Trail

Then, up to the peak of Silver Star Mountain….WOW!

Peak of Silver Star Mountain, with mt St Helens behind

Silver Star view east to Mt Adams

There is an off-shoot trail past the peak that leads to a slope of “Indian Pits”. Check my Google map to see it in blue.

Indian Pits trail junction near the peak of Silver Star Mtn

2 Responses to “#52 Silver Star Mtn — Ed’s Trail”

  1. Ryan French Says:

    Hey Scott! Hey do you think you could post a notification on here when the wildflowers are in full bloom? Same goes for hamilton mountain. Thanks!

  2. Krista Basis Says:

    Hi Scott! We just hiked this trail, and it was amazing! Wildflowers were in full bloom on June 21, 2015. However, the driving route you provided was out of date. The woman in charge of the campgrounds at Sunset told us that 4109 was impassible to most vehicles out of Sunset. Instead, we had to go around by taking Dole valley Road to 1100, then to 4109. Also, scratched up our car going up 4109, which was dicey. Still worth it, though!

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