Falls Creek Cave Adventure B44

Falls Creek Cave historic schematic PDF  Click on these highlighted words to bring up a PDF of a Falls Creek Cave schematic drawing, then right click to spin it around.  A Curious Gorge “fan” emailed me this PDF.  (Sorry I don’t know how to Blog better or this stuff might be in a better order, but I reckon you can figure it all out.) Bring lights, have fun!!       Falls Creek Cave is one of a number of “hidden” caves in the Gifford Pinchot forest, but unlike many, Falls Creek cave is reasonably easy to explore with technical caving gear, nor the need to crawl.  Not many lava tubes allow you to make an underground loop like in Falls Creek cave. Gotta like that!!

Close-up of cave entrance area

Map of Falls Creek Cave, author’s interpretation.


Just in from the sloping entrance into Falls Creek cave

In a little more from the sloping entrance into Falls Creek cave

A surprised cave frog just inside the Falls Creek cave entrance slope

There’s lots of “finger-paint” grafitti in the cave. This is just a “pokin round the gorge” sample

The 1st side tunnel in Falls Creek Cave

Falls Creek cave Lava squiggles in the 1st side tunnel

Falls Creek cave lava drippings in 1st side tunnel

Falls Creek cave lava drippings

Inside the second side tunnel of Falls Creek cave

Spray paint graffiti left by some complete assholes at the far deep end of the cave

A screengrab from a Japanese cave website, listing the Falls Creek Cave as the world’s 34th longest at 2,250m (1.4 miles!!)

Parked above the first cave-pit of the three Falls Creek cave breakdown pits

Looking into the 3rd cave pit–the one hosting the sloping tunnel into the cave