#62 Big Creek Falls

Big Creek falls

Cave Falls' easy-to-miss junction sign

To read more about the little-known Cave falls, check the excellent website WaterfallsNorthwest, here: http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/nws/waterfall.php?num=1236

6 Responses to “#62 Big Creek Falls”

  1. aaron Says:


    Are you aware of a trail to a location called “Kumback Shelter” in this area? The location is shown on one map I have, but there are no obvious trails or roads to it on the map. The only information I could find was a photo from 1978: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/12643992

    I don’t think this is the Bolt Camp Shelter on the Lewis River Trail, but I could be mistaken. From the map, it appears to be just on the other side of the road from the Speed Trail head.

    I thought if anyone would know it would be you!


    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      Brilliant question Aaron! No I don’t know where the shelter is or if it still exists. I have seen it on some maps and i’ve wondered about it and looked for a path, but never found any signs that made me venture up off the Lewis River Rd. But, ah-ha, this pic piques my curiosity! Is the “speed trail” that odd path that plunges downwards toward the Lewis River? I’ve only gone about a mile down it before giving up and turning back. I do remember looking for a Kumback path in the area near its sign on the road..
      Hey, you should fire Jim Neiland the question via Panoramio….I bet he’d like to share!! cheers, scott

      • Jeffrey Says:

        Stayed the last few nights at that shelter. It’s still there. Yeah, no trail from that road. Wish I could leave a picture here too

    • Berry Says:

      Yes, across from Speed trail head of you haven’t found it yet. About a half hour hike from there. Good luck!

  2. Ryan French Says:

    Has anyone ever found a way to get to the creek at a lower point after cave falls, and then scramble up to actually see some of the falls? It seems as though if there was a road way down in that valley, the adventure up the creek wouldn’t be impossible. Also have you ever gone to the base of Big Creek Falls? My dad and I found an easy way down, though it was very steep, then we rock hopped and swam up the creek to a nice rock to see the falls in its entirety. Unfortunately on the way down my dad stepped on some weird type of bee’s nest and they started to swarm around him and sting him but he fortunately made it to the water and they left him alone! They were jet black and looked almost like flying ants, but they were definitely stinging him! We had a laugh after and he was extra careful on the way up!

  3. A. F. Litt Says:

    Tried to visit this one today and it is currently closed… http://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/giffordpinchot/recreation/recarea/?recid=31484

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