#66 Little Niagara Falls

Little Niagara falls, Langfield falls


Little Niagara falls from the crrek on the approach route

 The route down to Little Niagara Falls is a true canyon-wall bushwhack.  There is no path even, nor sign on the road above where you might even look for a path to Little Niagara falls.  Good thing you’ve got my book.  It’s best to err on the downstream side of the canyon.  On the upstream side of Little Niagara Falls you’ll get “cliffed-out”.

Little Niagara Falls, Googearth sketch of area and route down


Little Niagara Falls and its mossy tuffets

Amazingly, the spray isn’t too bad at the bottom of Little Niagara falls. It’s super nice to sit/lay on the mossy rocks and look up at this nice curtain of waterfall. 

Langfield Falls, at Big Tire junction

 Langfield falls is located exactly at Big tire Junction on FS 88. There is a little parking lot and a sign pointing to nearby Langfield falls.

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