#67 Steamboat Mountain

Steamboat mountain

The hike to Steamboat Mountain is a fairly quick and simple one.  Since the drive is far from just about anywhere, maybe plan to visit Little Niagara falls or possibly the waterfalls along the Upper Lewis River in addition to a look-see at Steamboat Mtn.

Mt Rainier seen from Steamboat Mtn

Mike and Tracey gazing upon Mt Adams from Steamboat Mtn

Mike making the moves on Tracey as she sits spellbound in rapture at Mt Adams' glory

7 Responses to “#67 Steamboat Mountain”

  1. richard basi Says:

    hi.. i see the black boxes on the 2nd page for this entry. What does that signify exactly? thanks, and love your book!

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      That I block out parts of my book on this blog. In the actual paper book there are no black boxes. My blog isn’t intended to give away all the info in my book for free. The blog is intended to add-to the info in the printed guidebook. cheers and happy gorge exploring, scott

  2. richard Says:

    oh thanks. funny because I went to Pin Creek and Steamboat Mtn on Sunday, well tried to, but both seemed inaccessible now so I thought your black boxes were updates to say these things are no longer accessible. I did get to Twin Falls and Langdale no problem, and also Takh Lakh lake which was great. The road to Steamboat Mtn is terrible now

  3. richard Says:

    As a comparison, the gravel road 4 miles to Takh Lakh lake is definitely cool for a 2WD car, but the right turn you take after passing Mosquito Lake to get to Steamboat mtn cannot be compared favourably to that at all. Thanks!

  4. NW Hiker Says:

    Hi! I’m interested in doing this hike, vs. the more popular Sleeping Beauty Hike. Since you’ve hiked this, how was the road access? Can we take a 2WD car there? Or should we just drive up as far as we can get, and road walk the rest of the way up to the trailhead. Maybe we should hike Sleeping Beauty Peak instead, perhaps???

  5. C. Patrick Says:

    Made it to within a half-mile or so of the trailhead today with the Outback, but then it got too slick even for the all-wheel drive. Not, perhaps, the wisest Saturday outing we could have chosen for an early-December day.

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