Ice Cave Trout Lake C11


Ice Cave entrance sign. The Ice cave is at its best when this sign is invisible under the snow!

The Trout Lake Ice Cave was known historically as the Guler Ice Cave.  There are other caves in the area, but most of them are on private property, such as the “Cheese cave”.  The Trout Lake Ice Cave is one-of-a-kind in terms of ice formations.  Make a special late-April/early May trip to the Ice cave and you will be blown away!!

Ice cave entrance warning sign

Ice cave stalagmites, April. The big blob is about 4 feet tall.

Stalactite icicles and a crystal snowflake ceiling

In the western arm of the Ice cave

If you visit in June, oftentimes most all the really neat ice formations in the Ice cave are already melted. Plan an early spring trip!!

Angel-wing Ice cave formations

Trout Lake Ice cave roof crystals

For a lame article about the Ice cave by KATU TV, click this link. I guess Grant has never seen the Ice cave when it is full of ice!!

6 thoughts on “Ice Cave Trout Lake C11

  1. I went here in April 2012 on a rare sunny day. Totally amazing!!! I spent a lot of time on my @ss due to the inherent slippiness of said ice, but I gladly sucked it up and took the bruises to preserve the natural wonder of the ice sculptures. I would have never known about this place if I hadn’t seen it in your book, so many thanks. (FREE PLUG) Any time I go to the Gorge I take my Curious Gorge guidebook with me and it’s been invaluable. Many times I’ve hit a place that was packed with tourists and aborted to some of the more obscure places mentioned within. Haven’t been disappointed yet. 🙂

  2. Probably one of my favorite caves! If you didn’t see Bird Creek Falls on your way you should find them, they are gorgeous as well!

  3. What are your suggestions for Spring Break mid March adventures. Texas A&M Aggies coming to visit! We moved here this summer. Love love your book. Easy to understand and funny!

  4. I don’t know how regularly comments are checked here but I am looking to go here within the next week. Is it too early in the year to go? Thanks!! I LOVE your book!

    1. Probably the main concern with going to the cave this early in the year would be whether or not the road to get there has been cleared of snow.

      I haven’t been there for a few years, but I think I was there in late April and I still needed to walk a ways through about a foot or so of snow. Luckily snowmobiles use those trails/roads too and pack it down pretty well.

      You might be able to contact the park service that covers the Trout Lake area to get info on the current road conditions. It’s definitely worth seeing the cave.

      Do yourself a favor and dress warm, bring lights, and take “Yak Tracks” or something to provide better traction on ice. I slipped A LOT while in there. The whole floor is ice.

      Good luck. 🙂

  5. Looks fascinating, can’t wait to go. How far into the cave can you travel? Is the ice just in one room at the front of the cave?

    Thanks Craig

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