#81 Bald Butte Vwpt + Trail

Bald Butte, Mt Hood National forest

Bald Butte host a fabulous view of Mt Hood, as well as looks at Mt St Helens, Mt Adams and Mt Rainier.  Bald Butte also gets an impressive balsamroot wildflower array around the same timing as Dog Mtn’s—Late May/1st week June.

Bald Butte trails overview


Bald Butte trails overview

 I don’t really recommend the Oak Ridge trail. it seems a long arduous trail to only get to a place other people are driving up to.  Maybe do Tamanawas falls and the shorter Bald Butte route together in a day.

Bald Butte as seen from Hwy 35


Powerlines parking at Bald Butte


Late May bloom atop Bald Butte


Along the Bald Butte road/trail


Mt St Helens, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams...from top of Bald Butte


Close-up of Rainier and Adams


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