Tamanawas Falls Loop A31

“Normal” Tamanawas Falls out/back trail

Tamanawas Falls loop trail from Polallie Trailhead

Tamanawas falls loop from Polallie trailhead on Hwy 35

Tamanawas Falls, Mt Hood

The cave behind Tamanawas Falls

The view out from the cave behind Tamanawas falls

Tamanawas falls cave view, including “ghost geyser” at bottom of falls

Tamanawas falls in winter…author and Hood River friends

3 thoughts on “Tamanawas Falls Loop A31

  1. Just hiked this on 5/13. There is sign at the trailhead about an “impassable” rock fall 1/4 mile from the falls. Once you reach the rock fall area, the lower trail is the easiest way to scramble across the rocks, but ONLY if you are nimble and have some rock climbing experience. This is currently the only way I know of to access these falls until there is further trail maintenance. Stay safe out there!

    1. I haven’t hiked this yet this year (was there in April but found trail too icy). Were falls visible before rock slide?

      1. Nope,you can’t see the falls before the rockslide—you have to pick your way thru the rocks to get to the falls.

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