Memaloose Hills Loop Route D3


Hi! It seems that lots of folks are hitting this page of the blog in an attempt to find some info about the Memaloose Hills hike that the Friends of the Gorge are promoting as one of their “25 Best trails”.   Here are two Google earth sketches of the route I recommend in Curious Gorge.  Sometimes the Friends lead hikes beginning at the I-84 Memaloose rest stop, but that loop route is very tricky and involved to succinctly describe.  The route here is the bang-for-the-buck version, especially near late April/May 1st when the bloom is in full tilt. Check Google earth and you’ll see plenty of my pix.

Memaloose Hills on Google earth, 2

Memaloose Hills 4-28-2011

Memaloose Hills wildflower profusion 4-28-2011

View west from the top of Memaloose Hills

NOTE: as of 5-2-2012, the Memaloose Hills were in super-hyper bloom!!

May 7th, 2011 Memaloose Hills in full bloom finally, as seen from Marsh Cutoff Rd

One thought on “Memaloose Hills Loop Route D3

  1. Got up there today, April 13th. Balsamroot is coming on strong, paintbrush is right along. Lupen is still pre-bud, but looking prolific. Many other floral species abounding as well. No ticks nor poison oak worth mentioning. What a gem of a spot! Scott, your trail directions were just great; the main trail is in fine shape and easy to find. Only exception– someone must have cleared the junkpile near the fenceline; I couldn’t find it. But the trail up to the 2nd hill was readily apparant from the field– just pass the fenceline and approach the slope, the route up will become apparant. If you go too far, you’ll bonk into another fenceline. Beware the killer llama! But no worries; just hang a right and head upslope. As you leave the trees, just keep heading upward, ever upward.

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