#9 Horsetail/ Oneonta Loop

Ponytail Falls, Rock of Ages Arch, Triple falls

Rock of Ages junction trail

As you can see from the above pic, the junction with the unsigned Rock of Ages Arch path is just before Ponytail falls. Once there you won’t miss it, if you’re looking for it!

Horsetail-Oneonta waterfalls loop, Google earth sketch with Rock of Ages Arch and Upper Oneonta falls.

Rock of Ages Arch

Posing in Rock of Ages Arch

Behind Upper Oneonta falls


Upper Oneonta Falls


8 Responses to “#9 Horsetail/ Oneonta Loop”

  1. Bill Boozer Says:

    Did the Oneonta Trail on Thursday with a side trip to the Rock of Ages arch. I am sure that I would have NEVER found it were it not for your directions. Don’t know if you’ve been there lately, but there’s an old dead tree at the junction between the arch trail and the one that goes straight (Devil’s Backbone I think???) which somebody has carved arrows as primitive directions into. Maybe add that in the next edition, as I took a wrong side trail earlier and wandered for about ten minutes in the wrong direction on a game trail or something. Still, worth the effort. Thanks.

  2. Andy Bauer Says:

    Awesome little hike! So much cool stuff for so little effort. The arch was really cool. Thank you for sharing this little hidden jem. Just another reason why this book is fantasic. I was given the Curious Gorge by the owner of a bed and breakfast in Hood River this past winter and haven’t been able to put it down. Keep up the good work!

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      Thanks Andy…glad you’re having fun exploring our gorge. I’ve got many more surprises up my sleeve–the gorge never runs out!

  3. Keith Says:

    bought the book… went to the arch… hiked to the hidden falls…spent four hours exploring… had an awesome day!!! Been a long time hiker of the gorge and a resident of Portland all my life. You have created a book I will use for years to come.

    Thanks so much,

    Keith Carey

  4. Mathew Says:

    Thanks Scott for a great hike. We went up yesterday and did both the rock arch and the creek bed scramble to the true upper Oneonta Falls. Even on a crowded holiday weekend, we had both the “added extra’s” all to ourselves. Love both your Gorge books! Keep up the great work.

  5. Evrim Icoz Says:

    I did the arch and it was much more strenuous than the 12 minute it was mentioned. I would recommend taking it slower. I am pretty fit and it took a lot of my energy because I thought it was shorter distance. It was worth going for sure, just don’t rush it 🙂

    The hike itself is nice. We continued to Triple Falls and on the way you can go to the left right at the bridge before corssing, jump in to the pool and come up with the rope somebody tied to a tree after the pool.


  6. Evrim Icoz Says:

    *go to the left, right before crossing the bridge – is what I meant to say.

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