Chenowith Rim Loop D8

Chenowith Rim, Eagle caves, The Dalles Oregon

The Chenowith Rim and Eagle Caves area is a newly-minted Mtn Bike “Mecca” as of Spring 2012!! Good going Dalles folk…I LOVE it!!   As a hiker, you can now expect a serious amount of Mtn Bikers all over the terrain.  Many new trails and linkages have been constructed.  Here’s a link to a new trail-system Google Map:

Check out map on Google Maps

(Click “satellite” in upper right, then “earth” to make this great map come alive!!)

Also note that the school parking lot has been fenced-off, but you are allowed to park in front of the fence and then simply walk up thru the parking lot to access the unsigned trails.

Chenowith Rim and Eagle caves from Chenowith Loop Rd

Close-up of Chenowith Rim and Eagle caves from Chenowith Loop Rd

The view out of Eagle caves, The Dalles

Chenowith Rim as seen from Seven Mile Hill

4 thoughts on “Chenowith Rim Loop D8

  1. So happy to see you showing this beautiful hike here! I’ve been hiking and trail running this area for four years (my house bordered the land) and I still learn something new every time. I even take my kids up there, sometimes groups of kids (I’ve been able to get 5-year-olds to hike the steep hill) and we have a serious blast up there; holding frogs from the ponds in spring, snow hiking and sliding over iced-over ponds/puddles and generally having a good time. I’ve always encouraged people to hike up the trails, offering to take the trail from our yard. I love seeing people use it; mountain bikers included. Do note there are wild animals. It’s rare, but I came across black bear droppings (I’ve hiked remotely all my life and know the signs) and enjoyed watching a coyote mother sniff at the breeze just 20 yards away (the wind was blowing just the right way). The turkey vultures when resting on a branch above your head are a real site to behold, too. The best way is definitely by way of the abandoned middle school. That way you’ll never be on anyone’s private property, then again, we’re all used to seeing people walk behind our houses on the trails, so go on ahead if you’re respectful. Rare if someone says anything and otherwise there are signs up on the plateau/table that say “keep out” to make it obvious. Have fun!

  2. What is the current status of “legal” access to the USFS parts of the plateau? There are No Trespassing signs posted all over the school fence now. One landowner has put up fences to block off the southern section. I checked out Oak Hill Drive, which I thought was a county road up until a pullout/trail access at the corner of USFS property, but there’s a “Private Property” sign at the bridge over Chenoweth Creek. What about Sandlin Road? – Years ago locals put up No Parking signs along it, but I here people are parking at the gate again and are no longer molested.

    1. John, I’m not sure at all. You seem far more the expert than I. I just park in front of the fence and walk around it.

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