#94 Deschutes River State Park trails

Deschutes River State Park and Recreation Area.  Ferry Springs Hiking Loop, including a wagon road, glacial erratics, and an arch overlooking the Deschutes River.

GPS:  45.629363  -120.908065






Deschutes River along loop trail

Biking the Deschutes River trail near Harris ranch

Harris “ghost” Ranch along Deschutes River trail RR grade

3 Responses to “#94 Deschutes River State Park trails”

  1. chiefWright Says:

    1 May 2010: The sign along the river trail at the junction with Ferry springs is missing, though the trail intersection beyond Ferry Springs Creek is obvious. We continued up the river trail to where the trail traverses up the hillside. Where the trail starts descending back to the river, there’s a faint tread heading straight up to a overhanging rim, and then up thru a notch to a bench at the South boundary of the State Park with lovely views up & down the river. The old RR grade bike trail is right there and obvious, though we missed the trail going up to Ferry Springs and just walked the RR grade back to the TH.

  2. curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

    Glad you had a good time Chief. Did you bring my book with you while you hiked?

  3. Stacy Says:

    Went to the park this past weekend (4/7/12)… most signs are missing on the trail. It wasn’t super obvious how to follow what trail, but we made our way and had a good time being outdoors!

    Thanks for the suggestion in the book!

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