#96 Coyote Wall loop

Coyote Wall trails


Coyote Wall, the "Syncline"


Coyote Wall hiking loop


Coyote Wall, Syncline, Little Moab, The Wizard trails


Coyote Wall loop trail, using The Wizard trail


Coyote Wall's soon-to-be-closed trailhead. I recommend this as the end of the loop.


Balsamroot and views east atop Coyote Wall


Wildflower array Coyote Wall, May.


7 Responses to “#96 Coyote Wall loop”

  1. airoff Says:

    Is this loop still intact? Thanks!

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      Yeah Aaron, it is. The FS has yet to start closing areas of Catherine Creek/Syncline…but you better get to it. The arch should be closed-off this Autumn!

      • airoff Says:

        Thank you- I did the loop last week and it was great! However, unless the teeter totter is in a fairly hidden place, it may have been removed or destroyed, as I couldn’t find it…

        Again, thanks for all you do!

  2. John Turman Says:

    Is this loop currently open to mountain bikers?

  3. Peter Says:

    Howdy. I hiked the Coyote Wall today. There was an official looking sign at the top of the Wizard trail indicating that the trail was closed due to presence of private land. I stayed on the Coyote Wall trail for an out and back.

    Peter (Goldendale, WA)

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