Curious Gorge guidebook

Hey Curious peeps, this is the blog that is supposed to accompany my guidebook.  Honestly I thought that I would have more time to fill it in with all the photos and other assorted details i want to put here, but it takes much longer to do all that than i had anticipated.

Anyhow, I do mean to add Google Earth screen grabs to outline the particular trail in question, I plan to add full-size color pics from the entries…and I plan to add historic photos and other stuff that will enhance certain entries.  Please be patient with me and check back after a  while to see if I’ve added stuff to the pages you are interested in.  Fire me a comment here if you have any specific questions about a spot, and maybe that’ll motivate me to get my ass in gear!! hahahahahaha…cheers, scott

12 Responses to “About”

  1. Filinab Says:


  2. Chon Clayton Says:

    Hey Scott, it was fun to meet and chat with you yesterday. The book about the conscientious objector is” Refusing War, Affirming Peace: A History of Civilian Public Service Camp #21 at Cascade Locks”. It’s a good read.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and thoughts on history. I too spend quite a bit of time in research for the final product.
    I’m on the waitlist for your Toothrock hike on the 18th, so maybe we’ll see you.
    Shoot back your email.

    Chon Clayton, Forks

  3. Kevin Daniels Says:

    Thank you for the interesting site. I stumbled across it when I was musing at an old photo that I have of the pipeline from the 1950’s. A train derailment toppled a couple of freight cars on a short section of the pipe and one can see that at that time, the penstock was a wooden stave pipe. A little tidbit of history.
    Kevin Daniels

  4. therealplaidman Says:

    Scott I gave your book honorable mention in this article that I wrote for The Oergonian. http://www.oregonlive.com/outdoors/index.ssf/2012/01/100_days_100_discoveries_rock.html

    Thanks for writing such a great book!

  5. polarityheals Says:

    Scott, thank you for your amazing book. I moved here 7 yrs ago and this book has been so helpful for me in finding the more obscure and beautiful locations. If you can add a designation section on your blog (or updated additions) for “small” dog hikable trails – I like to drive way out in the gorge, but don’t like to leave my 12lb dog home all day, and I often wonder if his little legs will be able to keep up on certain trails, or if I’ll end up carrying him the rest of the way! So I often end up staying home if I don’t know if he can make it. Thanks again. I love your book, and the updated 2012 version has great additions in it.

  6. Keith C Says:

    Scott… your book rocks! Thanks a lot for writing it.

    I have been in the NW my entire life and an avid hiker. There is so much you have shown that is yet for me and my family to discover. Hoping for you to have much success with this book.


  7. ryan fisher Says:

    i bought your book last year when i made my first trip into the gorge. i have a crazy obsession with spirit thanks to you!! i am headed back down in a few weeks and im a desperately trying to fin d this location http://portfolio.jesse-estes.com/p777280380/h24f6f749#h24f6f749
    if you could help me out it would be greatly appreciated. my email is r99fisher@hotmail.com

  8. Filina b Says:

    If the photo that Ryan posted above is in the Gorge I would also LOVE to know which falls this is. Beautiful!!

  9. Gary P Says:

    Scott, we’ve been working though each hike in your book for the past 2 years. Happy to say we have almost all of the checked off. DO you plan on another book with new hikes anytime soon? looking forward to another book, you’ve offered GREAT hikes. We love the obscure ones the best.

  10. Tim lemke Says:

    Hi Scott,

    First off myself and my wife love your books. We live in Camas Washington and frequently will turn to Curious Gorge, which is the third copy I’ve owned, to find what to do for the day, week end or just a couple hours. my only wish for future volumes is a fold out water proof map maybe two sided so it can show better detail of where to go to get to the many wonderful locations. Any way we are very excited to check out even more of the locations. Thank you!

  11. ashley Says:

    Thank you so much for this! I seem to always lose my paper copy of your book & this is a huge help!

  12. guthrie Says:

    It would be great to have a larger color map with all the spots marked on it…

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