Deschutes Canyon Railroad Ruins Hike D18

This hike heads downriver from Macks Canyon campground to explore the ruins and remnants of the Union Pacific railroad along the eastern bank of the Deschutes River.  Curious Gorge has all the details you need as to where the best ruins are, how far to hike for an easy outing vs. a longer outing and other nuances and bits of history not to miss.  If you like historical exploration, then this hike is for you!

Macks Canyon RR relics trail overview 2

Below are photos of the railroad ruins extending downriver from Macks Canyon on the Deschutes River:


This last is a postcard showing the last two trestles on this hike downriver from Macks Canyon.  The photo in the postcard was taken basically taken where the bike trail ends at about MP 19.5 on the Deschutes River Trail.