McClellan Falls/Aphrodite’s Pool B42

McClellan Falls was “found”and named by the illustrious waterfall hunter Bryan Swan. Big kudos to Bryan for bringing this hidden Gifford Pinchot gem into the light!

A hidden off-trail route leaves from the popular roadside “McClellan Viewpoint” to descend into the canyon of Curly Creek to see this massive waterfall.  As an extra, there exists a pool at the top lip of the falls that is so beautiful that I myself named it Aphrodite’s Pool.  It is hard to find…not on the path to the waterfall base.  A good guidebook is good to have, right?!


McClellan Falls overview 1

McClellan Falls overview 2

McClellan Falls overview 3

The adventure starts at the McClellan Viewpoint overlooking Mt St Helens:


From there you’ll pace-off the written directions in Curious Gorge to find the purposely-hard-to-find rough path down to the waterfall.


If you follow the Curious Gorge directions to a T, you just might find Aphrodite’s Pool, and possible Aphrodite herself holding aloft her Apple of Discord:


IMG_9634 - Version 2