Mist Falls Scramble Path A4

Mist Falls is a Curious Gorge favorite.  While all the waterfalls of “Waterfall Alley” are annoyingly crowded all summer, Mist Falls is off-the-radar for the tourism masses.  There’s no sign, not much parking….a super-steep rough rocky path.  And WOW!

Curious Gorge details how/where to park….where to look for the hidden chimney from the former lodge, as well as the inscribed cement gutter-cover….and then how to get to Mist Falls.

These next 3 photos are the historic Multnomah Lodge below Mist Falls.  All that’s left now is a chimney and some rock masonry walls.

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Finally, up the path you can get perfect photos of Mist Falls and wander over to its base where heaven awaits!