Silver Star Mtn: Grouse Vista Trail B4

The Grouse Vista trailhead on Silver Star Mountain is by far the better of the two main trailheads.  The trailhead for the Ed’s Loop has such an awful road up to it that Curious Gorge can no longer recommend it.  The Grouse Vista Trailhead is the better option!!

The Grouse Vista Trailhead is easily reached with a normal passenger car, taking about 45 minutes from downtown Washougal.  Far faster than the washboardy nightmare road 4109 up to the Silver Star “Ed’s” trailhead.  There is a new vault toilet and signboard up at Grouse Vista, but strangely no area map on the new mapboard (as of June 2017).

Here are some photos of the old map which clearly show the Grouse/Sturgeon/Tarbell trail loop Curious Gorge recommends:



And below is the view north from the peak of Silver Star showing volcanoes from Mt St Helens to Mt Rainier to Mt Adams. Wow!