Skatepark Falls Scramble Path C36


Skatepark Falls on Summit Creek, Klickitat County.  This hidden waterfall oasis was named Skatepark Falls by our local kayakers.  There is no trail, no signs, no info.  Super rough steep terrain.  Curious Gorge has the written details you’ll need to find the rarely-see Skatepark Falls and its Trepidation Pool.


Skatepark Falls drive oveview2

Skatepark Falls drive oveview

Skatepark Falls 2

Skatepark Falls 1

Below is the steep off-trail descent to see Skatepark Falls.

I’ve named the pool above Skatepark Falls the Trepidation Pool in honor of the cajones it must have taken for the first kayaker to huck himself off the lip.


Trepidation Pool at 60 degrees in early July.


The Summit Creek Mountain Goats who apparently enjoy grazing above Skatepark Falls: