Cape Horn Loop B3

1911 postcard of the Cape Horn “Needles” or “Cigar Rock”


Cape Horn postcard


A somewhat messy merged pano of the Cape Horn cliffs area, as seen from Bridal Veil Oregon


Cape Horn loop trail sign

The Friends of the Gorge have built a memorial overlook for their founder and Gorge-preservation extraordinaire Nancy Russell atop Cape Horn.  Here is a pic of the Nnancy Russell Overlook being built in June 2011. The view from here is one of the Gorge’s most awesome visuals.  Thank god for Nancy Russell and the Friends of the Gorge…without them the Gorge may have suffered ruinous over development.

The June 2011 building of the Nancy Russell Memorial Overlook

In June the Cape Horn loop trail explodes into a vibrant Delphinium bloom.  Sadly, the lower portion of the loop is closed for raptor nesting until either July 1st or 15th.  But, at the top, near the overlook, the forest blooms a vibrant blue, as seen here:

Cape Horn overlook Delphinium wildflower wonderland


View of Phoca rock and Angel’s Rest from Cape Horn loop trail


The Hwy 14 underpass being constructed, June 2011

A local nature lover, Dan Huntington, is largely to thank for creating the Cape Horn loop trail.  Dan worked arduously to “re-discover” an old overgrown path amongst the cliffs and then he and a legion of volunteer friends cleared most of what now is the trail tread….eventually leading to the Forest Service purchasing the necessary private properties to enable the trail to become a public, legal loop trail.  Hooray Dan!!   Thanks for personally showing me your trail in 2005 and encouraging me to write about it in my second edition.

This next pic is one of Dan’s creek bridges.  The Forest Service is now replacing these plank bridges with proper expensive trail bridges, so I wanted to photograph the old ones before they were replaced.  This pic lives on Google earth as the “Dan Huntington Trail bridge”. Look for it!

Dan Huntington trail bridge


Seasonal closure gate: trail closed Jan 1st to July 1st.


Lower Cape Horn loop trail waterfall


An early/mid-day rainbow at the falls

Over the years I’ve seen many-a amazing sight on the Cape Horn trail. Here are some favorites:

Mist in the Cape Horn trees

Nowadays the lower portion of the Cape Horn loop is closed in the wintertime, but one January I visited when the Gorge was zero-degree cold for a week as the vicious east winds blew. I decided to take a look at the Cape Horn waterfall. The waterfall was neat with an icicle-framed rainbow, but wgat was astoundingly better was the small little creek west of the waterfall that the wind was blowing uphill.   “Oh my God” doesn’t come close to how impressive this icy amphitheater was!!!


Cape Horn icy wonderland!!!!


Cape Horn icy wonderland!!!!


Cape Horn icy wonderland!!!!

Wow, I’ve never seen icicles try to look like a porcupine.  I called Ddan up to tell him and the next day we returned together to photo this spectacle.  Unforgettable to say the LEAST!!


The movie twilight filmed some scenes atop Cape Horn.  Here are a couple of screengrabs from the movie:

Twilight scenes at Cape Horn


Twilight scenes at Cape Horn






2 thoughts on “Cape Horn Loop B3

  1. Yay Dan! He and Kathy were our realtors and were wonderful folks and my husband and I can’t wait to move out there permanently to explore all your Gorgeous recommnedations!

  2. I sure hope hikes/adventurers respect the trail closure during the falcon nesting seasons. I’ve seen first hand how many hikers have absolutely no respect for the ecosystems out in thee gorge.

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