Dillacort Creek Nook C30

Dillacort Creek is a feeder creek flowing into the lower stretch of the Klickitat River.  Entry C30 in Curious Gorge 4 describes how to find this little-known oasis.  I won’t publish a map here because I don’t want people to easily locate this exquisite springtime nook.

The first views below are mid-April when the creek flows with chilly enthusiasm!



After a dash through some bedrock pools the creek tumbles over a 15-foot waterfall into a dippably-deep small pool.



By late May the creek dries-up quite a bit, as shown below…..but the diminished flow yields skinny-dip temps for the pool.  By late May the pool might be above 65 degrees, inviting a skinny-dip accompanied by the pleasant gurgle of the falls.



dillacort naked