Klickitat Breaks Views Loop C33

The Klickitat Breaks is a ridgeline area above the canyon of the Klickitat River, just downriver from the Stinson Flats Campground area.  This seldom-seen landscape is part of the Klickitat Wildlife Area managed by Washington Fish and Wildlife.

Curious Gorge describes how to access the area using Soda Springs Road…and where to park to explore a nice walking loop of the Klickitat Breaks.


Below is Mt Adams towering over the Klickitat Breaks.


The next two photos are from the eastern end of the views-packed loop route.  Don’t expect any signage or obvious routes.   The written directions in Curious Gorge describe a neat loop route touring the best of the area.



Below are some maps I’ve made to help you find this little-known Wildlife Area.

Klickitat Breaks hike overview 1

Klickitat Breaks hike overview 2

Klickitat Breaks loop walk 1

Klickitat Breaks loop walk 2

Klickitat Breaks loop walk overview