Lemei Rock Trail Indian Heaven C13


Wapiki Lake, from the shoulder of Lemei Rock

Cultus Lake, with Lemei Rock in background

Lemei Rock Trail, with bonus PCT loop in yellow. Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Lemei Rock trail, Indian Heaven

Smokey Bear at Cultus campground, Indian Heaven Wilderness

Mt Rainier from Cultus lake trail viewpoint

Mt Adams seen over Deep Lake, Indian Heaven

Deep Lake dippin’, Indian Heaven

Lemei Rock viewpoint over Lake Wapiki

One thought on “Lemei Rock Trail Indian Heaven C13

  1. This really is a great day hike. You get lakes, forest, mountains, and wildflowers all in a pretty low traffic hike. I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth the long drive, but have no fear. It brings the goods. I will mention that the mosquitoes are still pretty bad around the lakes and they will follow you to the end of the hike. Be prepared with mosquito netting or super bug repellent because they are a tenacious and hearty breed up there.

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