Three Corner Triple Waterfall B33

Three Corner Creek’s triple waterfalls are an off-trail hidden treat for adventurers.  Below are some maps to attempt to help you on this rugged off-trail adventure up Three Corner Creek.  You should have the written directions in Curious Gorge to find the best uncomplicated route to the three waterfalls.

My friends and expert waterfall hunters Tim and Melinda lead the Oregon Field Guide crew to these waterfall beauties on Three Corner Creek.  You can watch the episode by following the link below.  MAJOR CREDIT is due to Bryan Swan, of for first discovering these waterfalls and documenting them on his exceptional website:

Oregon Field Guide: Waterfall Hunters (from Nov. 2015)

Shown below is the final waterfall, which is sometimes a double waterfall in the early summer.IMG_9708


Three Corner Creek Falls overview

Three Corner Creek Falls 1

Three Corner Creek Falls Clearcut route detail

Curious Gorge details a route a bit different than the one Bryan Swan initially used to first locate the waterfalls.  The off-trail route is a complete bushwhack…steep loose and somewhat dangerous. This is not a route for inexperienced bushwhackers.

Below is shown the first waterfall of the three on Three Corner Creek, at low flow.




This is the second falls at mid-summer low-flow, and then again after some Autumn rain.