Puff Falls Streamwalk Adventure B40

On the way up Dry Creek to Puff Falls

Ankle-deep in Dry Creek on the slosh up to Puff falls

Puff Falls in the buff, Gifford Pinchot Natl Forest

3 thoughts on “Puff Falls Streamwalk Adventure B40

  1. Just so you know… We went to Puff Falls last Sunday when there were two other cars. We went as a family (five of us) and were worried we’d be intruding on a romantic couple, but the presence of a second car made us feel better about just going for it. When we got to the falls, we were relieved to see another family there (in fact, I think there were three separate groups of people). Even more people arrived while we were there, and by the time we left, there were about six or seven cars at the trailhead!

    Also, Puff Falls is still roaring, even in August. (It is not a gentle waterfall for showering under, as it appears in the Curious Gorge photo from a few years ago.) The pool beneath the waterfall is the coldest water I’ve ever been in, but I had a blast swimming in it.)

    I just wanted to throw that out there. Puff Falls is becoming more popular, despite the lack of signage. But that’s okay with me — The waterfall and the pool under it are big and beautiful enough to share!

  2. How far did you go up though? I believe the obscurity meter is in reference to the falls beyond puff falls. Journeying further up the creek is bound to weed out families. I’ll go check it out myself and be sure to report back here.

    1. Whoops, wouldn’t you know it, I had my falls mixed up! I was thinking of Dog Creek Falls, doh! Christina is right, I was just up to Puff Falls last Monday, and there was a couple there with their dog and their own copy Curious Gorge. And I saw another lone hiker on my way out. Beautiful falls though. And a pretty easy hike getting there. I went for a swim, it was quite nice.

      Just a note: in the book it says to park “just before the bridge in front of the gate”. I saw no bridge or gate, but if you go exactly 2 miles after the FS 64 sign, you’ll see pull-offs to the right where you can park. Then just go down to your right and follow the creek upstream.

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