Erratics Rambling Exploration at Beavertail, Deschutes River D17

The Beavertail Ridge is 10 miles down the gravel Deschutes River Road from the Sherars Bridge junction.  Curious Gorge has all the written details about locating glacial erratics on and around the Beavertail Ridge.

Beavertail Erratics overview

Beavertail Erratics 1

Beavertail Erratics overview 2

Below are some photos of the numerous iceberg-rafted granite glacial erratics that you can locate yourself atop the Beavertail Ridge.  Curious Gorge has written descriptions to help you locate these elusive wonder-rocks!

This one shown below is Erratic #1 I describe.




Finally, you can find your way down to the edge of the Deschutes across from Cedar Island to locate the huge white granite erratic that is perched just under the back-filled railroad tunnel entrance (which I describe in detail in Curious Gorge).  This is the large erratic I’ve nicknamed Moby Deschutes…or Moby D for short!