Rock of Ages Arch Path A10

The Rock of Ages Arch might be the most scenic small arch in the Columbia Gorge.  In years past this arch was seldom-seen, but a geo-cache was placed up there a few years back and now the popular cache sees lots of visitors.  Nowadays the slippery steep path is far more easy to find and follow due to all the people who have gone up it.  Still though, the arch is rarely-seen compared to the masses who visit Ponytail Falls on the popular loop trail.

Here are a couple pix.  The map in Curious Gorge as well as my detailed directions will get you under the arch in a jiffy!  This is the spot near Ponytail Falls that the unsigned footpath takes off:


On the way up or down you can also take a side-path over to visit the top of Ponytail Falls–worth the short diversion!  Here’s an author standing atop Ponytail:


And…up at the Rock of Ages Arch…a perfect spot to picnic or pose!!!!