Wahtum Lake/ Chinidere Mtn Loop A36


Wahtum Lake and Mt Chinidere trails

Wahtum Lake, Mt Chinidere, and Mt Hood

Mt Chinidere rises above Wahtum Lake. You’d never guess from the Wahtum lakeshore how excellent the view is from Mt Chinidere!!   Definitely hike and see!!

Wahtum Lake and Mt Chinidere

The author hard at work on Mt Chinidere. hahahahahaaha

2 thoughts on “Wahtum Lake/ Chinidere Mtn Loop A36

  1. On PCT at Wahtum Lake north shore, there is still evidence of Camp Chinidere, a boy scout camp that buned in 1925. It was reported to be the second largest log structure in the NW at the time. It burned three nights before camping season was to end, and at four AM, hungry and without food, the 14 mile hike out began. Roads did not reach the Wahtum Lake area until about thirty years later.

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