Wind Mountain Trail C1


Interpretive Indian Pits signboard atop Wind Mtn

The trail up Wind Mountain is unsigned, but it’s a gem!  Whichever way the wind is blowing, there is always a non-windy side of Wind Mountain’s peak to hang out on to enjoy the sweeping views.

The unsigned Wind Mtn trailhead

Atop Wind Mtn looking west

Here’s Wind mountain as seen from Oregon:

Wind Mtn as seen from Oregon

7 thoughts on “Wind Mountain Trail C1

  1. As of May, 2012 this trail was heavily damaged by the ice storms of the previous winter – downed trees all across the trail and sketchy reroutes over and around them. There is a sign at the trail head stating that it is impassable in many areas, but a healthy adult can do it. Gloves and long pants aren’t a bad… the trees that you’ll have to climb over are oozing pitch. Probably not a good hike for kids. If you are one of those people that hikes with poles, I’d recommend leaving them and using your own sense of balance and center of gravity…you need both hands frequently to climb over all of the downed trees in the trail. The “lunch counter” is closed – that whole trail area is completely covered with tree debris.

    1. Thanks for the update Blue. I had been keeping track of the volunteer efforts to re-open this trail….and I’m glad that it has progressed enough for nimble folks to manage it! cheers and appreciation…scott

  2. Thanks, both, for the updates. I am distressed at the state of this beautiful trail and wonder what volunteer efforts are ongoing? Any input on this? Is there a fund or sign up sheet? What can we do to help??


    1. Honestly, I don’t know a way to help. You could try to contact Ryan at Washington Trail Association. Google them for a contact there.

  3. I worked at the Girl scout camp near Wind Mountain through August of 2013, and climbed this trail with kids as young as 7 many times that summer. There are logs that cross the trail but they have been cut in ways that help people get over, or around them. I still wouldn’t recommend poles but it has improved greatly, and I enjoy the hike with the minor challenges more than I did before the storms. I like having the physical and mental challenges for the kids, and it breaks up the hike nicely. I haven’t been back since then, but my colleagues have posted many photos from the top so I assume its as good or improving on what I experienced.

  4. We hiked the trail today and only had to scramble over a couple of downed trees. Thank you to whoever maintains this trail!

    The trailhead is now signed. We have a photo if you would like.

    It would be nice if the sign for the Indian artifacts was still intact.

  5. We hiked this trail yesterday. I had no idea it had been so thoroughly re-routed. It’s not the trail it once was, and it’s definitely more difficult, but also definitely do-able. The view from the top is stunning.

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