Indian Pits-Loose Lucy Loop C20

Indian Pits trail to Atwood Road then down Loose Lucy trail…loop hike.  Located on the slopes and canyons between Coyote Wall and Catherine Creek.

GPS parking:  45.710276  -121.370800




Heading up the trail to the Indian Pits—Late May wildflowers!

Indian Pits trail, looking down and south over pits

Indian Pits located above Rowland Lake:

Indian Pits above Rowland Lake

The trail snaking thru the Indian Pits talus slope.  Please stay to the trail so as to not destroy the historic Indian Pits!!

Indian pits trail

Indian pits trail

Here is an Oregonian article about Gorge Indian Pits from 1952. Two separate PDF pages.

Indian Pits Oregonian article from 1952, page 1

Indian Pits pg 2 1952

Here’s the interpretive sign about Indian Pits that is located atop Wind Mtn:

Wind Mtn Indian Pits interpretive sign.

2 Responses to “Indian Pits-Loose Lucy Loop C20”

  1. Brian Says:

    Is this still open to the public? The trailhead has a closed sign.

    • curiousgorgeguidebook Says:

      The trail is still open, only the former road is closed. You can still park at the one-car spot and hike.

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