Gorton Creek Falls Loop Scramble A22





Wyeth Campground at exit 51, Hwy 84

Wyeth Campground has a really interesting, yet almost unknown history.  In the 1940’s, during WWII, it was used as a camp for Conscientious Objectors to the war.    Here is an article written about the history by a great local writer and founder of Rediviva magazine, Tomi Owens:


Heading up Gorton Creek from Wyeth Campground

Trails signs do not indicate a nearby waterfall—YAY!!

The Trail 400 bridge spanning Gorton Creek

At the bridge keep going straight and upstream along the obvious, yet unsigned, wide trail:

Lower Gorton Creek falls, springtime high water

The trail’s end at Gorton Creek

The trail suddenly ends at the side of Gorton Creek.  Some people have tried to bushwhack up the steep hill to the left here, but you really need to take to the streambed at this point and rock-hop and splash your way up the final 200 yards to Gorton Creek Falls.

Streambed route to Gorton Creek falls

Rock-hopping up Gorton Creek

The base of Gorton Creek falls

Gazing at Gorton

The entire Gorton Creek falls

6 Responses to “Gorton Creek Falls Loop Scramble A22”

  1. Irene Concepcion Says:

    We have been trying to find a way to “entice” a 12 year old and a 13 year old to go hiking with us. We came across this scramble and figured it would be “adventurous” for them. Well, mission ACCOMPLISHED! They thought it was the coolest, yet slightly dangerous (but not really), and they definitely thought it was an adventure. Once we got back to the car the kids yelled out “I wish that was longer!” Followed by ” I wish all hikes were that fun!” Wow.

  2. gooregonnow Says:

    Very nice. I posted this under a photo on my OR travel page https://www.facebook.com/GoOregonNow

  3. Stephanie Reilly Says:

    Planning on taking my sister and cousin ( all of us Gortons) with me on this hike.
    Stephanie Gorton

  4. C. Gorton Says:

    I’m a Gorton and want to go there! I never knew it existed.

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